My neighbor's talent


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I wanted to share this with everyone. I was exploring the countryside one day and came across a house that had a simple sign out front "Art Studio". I turned around, went to the door and was welcomed into the house of a very nice older gentleman and his wife. Such a nice neat little studio. Some of his work hangs in an Amish store called Yoders. Here is his work. By the way, one drawing took 230 hours to complete. So why am I hurrying?


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You should see them up close and personal. I know he uses ink and graphite and does something called stippling. Am I saying that right?
I know stippling in paint so I guess it's the same kind of deal in drawing. Jab or bounce if memory serves me.
I stand corrected. This is actually pen and ink.


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I know, right? I'd have to develop some kind of gonads to even hang my best sketchings in the same room with his. And he's so darn humble. But he has been know to be a judge in an art show or two. Figures.
He was accurate with that tractor engine too. Said he didn't want somebody nosing up to it with a magnifying glass and calling him out on something.
Wow! Those are incredible! Yes, it makes me wonder why I'm so stressed about hurrying. I have deadlines, but I can still relax a little bit.
Very nice :)
Yes, stippling or dotwork. Doing small dots of ink. I have done some of those, the largest piece I started on 2018, its not finished yet, lol. And that's the problem really, when your doing dots hour after hour, its stops feeling creative.
It's a popular technique on instagram, but it's a bit hard to search for because tatoo-artists uses the same terms.
What a wonderful slice of life, Kat! Thanks for sharing. And, wow, what a beautiful pairing of patience and skill in your new friend's work!
I see all these wonderful works of art on this forum and even in the backwoods. When I was a kid, I thought I was doing pretty well. And then I would go to the state fair and saw artwork that astounded me
Instead of motivating me, it intimidated me. I just stopped trying. I had no idea how to do what I saw them do. I still struggle to figure out techniques. I've watched so many videos I'm starting to suffer from analysis paralysis. I dont know how to break through that ceiling.
Wow, they are amazing. That kind of very slow process can almost be like a form of meditation.

I know what you mean about seeing other people's amazing work and being intimidated, and about trying so hard to improve your own. I think the most important thing is honestly nothing to do with technique - it's just to remember to enjoy the process of creating artwork. Otherwise, what's the point of doing it?