My basketry


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Hi all -- Basket weaving isn't exactly main stream these days, but I thought that some of you might like to see that it is still done. :O) Here's a smattering of samples of my work. The first is a large Appalachian-style buttocks basket, woven in reed -- I call it my "people's choice" basket, because it draws a lot of attention. lol! The 2nd is one of my miniatures, woven in 4-ply waxed linen. And the 3rd is a willow basket in progress, where I'm just finishing wrapping the handle and need to trim ends. And this reminds me that I should prep some willow! :)

Holy heck! These are impressive! I am drawn to the small waxed linen piece myself, but I'm sure the bigger ones were more work? I'm not sure--I'm guessing. I know nothing about weaving. The small one looks closer to Native American craft. I have bought a few things from Arizona that I love, small baskets. I think they are Hopi. Anyway, I love your work and you are blowing me away with what you're capable of. ♥️
Thanks, Artyczar, PSA3475, joe1lt, and EJH.

Artyczar, re more work, the minis take a very long time to make because I can only work on them for about an hour a day before my eyes bother me. Something like the ribbed buttocks basket is very involved and takes a long time as well, but it’s hard on the hands and fingers.
Understood. I always need a magnifier light no matter what size thing I'm working on.
What beautiful, intricate work! I'm just blown away. The patterns themselves look complex, and you've made gorgeous art with them. Wow!!
I think your lovely baskets are a first on Creative Spark. They got me thinking about using 20mm wide aluminium and other metal strips to weave a large outdoor sculpture. That's what I think is valuable about our forum: making connections and getting new ideas to explore.
Thank you, Schuee, snoball, Terri, and Hermes!

Basket weaving is such a useful skill. I always say that if you’re going to be stranded on a desert island, you’d be better off stranded with me because I could weave anything. Lol!
Thank you so much, ntl!!!

What I'd like is to find people who do period reenactments, like Renaissance Fairs, and see if they need any custom-woven baskets! :)
Have you every made a basket with lids that fold back, Hostajunkie?

Some years ago, friends attended a basket weaving course and came home with an apple picker - a little basket on the end of a long pole to reach into the tree branches and collect an apple.😎
Schuee, I have made a fishing creel with a lid that folds back. Cute idea about the apple picker basket. I made an apple picker by attaching a hand cultivator and plastic container to my golf ball retriever. It works great because the ball retriever telescopes to about 12'. :)

Thank you, Joan T and Triduana!