Morning people🙂

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A little 30x30cm acrylic on canvas, no title, unless a certain person knows otherwise😀 - you know who you are haha


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So far it looks like a white cat drinking milk from a white bowl on a white carpet. Wanna post the picture?
I can name's on the tip of my tongue.

First though, this is incredible--an excellent example of a successful abstract that rings perfectly sublime! I LOVE this! I love the limited color palette, the shapes, the placement of EVERYTHING. It belongs in a museum! ❤ ❤ ❤ ❤
Real nice piece, I Love The Blue Room, cant go wrong with blue green and yellow .. such good neighbours
Thanks everyone - Sno think I might call it White cat drinking milk, that'll confuse people haha
Arty thanks so much for your enthusiasm - you've made my day😍 Never thought about a city in connection with this - interesting
Iain - I actually painted this not long after the virus got its grip on the world. I had called it Order and Chaos as I felt a deep desire, as did a lot of us, to see some order,.I had also just finished a book about Mexican mosaics which I think influenced me
Enyaw, thanks. you're right about the colours, I like the name🙂
A water bed in a van blimey when I had a van I was glad just to have an ordinary mattrass - how the other half live 😀
Bigfoot goes to town.
I cannot unsee a big shoe either. I like the cat drinking milk title, but I cannot resist putting my two cents in, if that. Countdown to Lockdown, is kind of get-what-you-see. Or, Panic Buying. I like the double meaning of the latter.

Sometimes I put a title that has no relevance to the image, a standalone, if you will. The title could possibly even supersede the image, as I'm sure it often does. One that makes me laugh, and is not an academic essay by any means, is An Essay on Fetishisation and the Aesthetic Sensibility (Mission Creep).
Oh I definitely see city streets, a black sky above, road maps and bridges. I see the shoe thing and thought of Shoe City, but that would bring too much literal attention to that shape.
Wherever that is, it’s
“North West of Here”.
I see the industrial park with its underpass and bridges, where delivery trucks unload while we sleep. Of course, Big Shoe’s been there! 🙃