Mori Point (xpost pastels)


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Out at Mori Point in Pacifica, CA today with our group. Great weather and some very good painting indeed. 12x9" soft pastel on Anthracite Pastelmat. B. Charlow 2021
Mori Point Nov 21 pastel.jpg
Big shapes and bold colors = Wow! Looks like Mori Point was the place to be for plein air today, Bart.
I commented in your cross-post, but again, you did great with the values and the movement in this water. Beautiful scene capture! ;)
Love this, I'm jealous that you are out painting. Love the action and colors.
Don't be jealous! Get out somewhere and paint yourself, Jo. If you're in a cccccooooolllldddddd area, there must be something you can paint from a reference photo (advice I rarely take myself....ahem.)
I like the texture of this. I'd look into Pastelmat... but I doubt it comes in the size I work in. :confused:
Pastelmat comes in pads but also in sheets. The sheets allow you to cut to your preferences. I've started buying the sheets for that purpose, so that I can have some panoramic size/shapes or much larger pieces than the pads.
The standard size of my paintings over the last decade has been 45/46 x 80" tall. I need a paper that comes in rolls of at least 48".
Certainly not that big from PastelMat! Not even sure who does make such rolls for pastels, maybe UART.