More Forum Changes

Ayin Es

Site Owner
You may have noticed more changes around here (or not?). We've been trying to streamline things by renaming a couple of forums and melding others together. I can list out a few things that were done so you don't think you've been going crazy.
  • There's no more Artist's Cafe. It's just Art Talk now. And all the subforums that were there (Speakeasy and Music) were rerouted into All Things *Not* Art. Some of the posts from the old Literature forum were rerouted there too, and that forum is no more.
  • The posts from the Sci-Fi and Fantasy Forum were rerouted into Acrylics and that forum was closed for now. We don't have enough postings in these kinds of categories to justify making whole forums for subjects such as these.
  • All the subforums in Art School were merged.
  • All the subforums in Bookarts were merged as well.
Also note that the "Reports" option on posts has been disabled. If you have any issues, please PM one of the mods or post in the Site Announcements and Technical Discussions and we will address your problem ASAP.

And that's about it for now, but maybe expect more changes in the future. We are still working it all out. And thank you for being so patient with us. We appreciate it! :)