More drawing


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First two are graphite, third one colored pencil.


Wow. Excellent as usual, Sno. (Adore that top one especially.) And now I wonder what you enjoy doing more...drawing or painting? Or, how are they different experiences for you?
Thank you O.O! The difference is time alone, I enjoy both about equally. If I am really busy on other things I like to start a drawing because I can lay it down after a few minutes and come back to it later without paint drying up on the palette. :)
Wow. More fireworks here Sno. You just keep hitting it out of the park and flooring me.

Yes, I would think drawing is kind of more of an easier thing to do because of drying paint. You can always come back to it any time. It's also maybe more meditative. It is for me, but I can't draw like this. Sometimes I'll make little obsessive drawings on pattern shapes, but those are part of a journal project I do regularly. I don't count those as singular pieces, but more like an all in one thing.
different media and styles but all wonderful in the same way.
Duke, :) ,how beautiful the composition in this work is, even the smallest portraits are very beautiful, but all.
Thank you Lyn, :giggle: I wanted to see if I could capture black skin in graphite.