Minister’s Woodlot (est.1660)


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Isn’t this a great name for an outdoor landscape? Yesterday, I was feeling light and free, just like an airy little fairy. (Gee...not sure WHY that was, but...oh well). It was 70 and sunny, everyone was out and about in their masks, and the meandering drive was fantastic.

Side note: I notice that whenever I get outside these days, everything seems so....intense. Bright and crisp and clear. It’s like I have hyper realistic vision but I’m sure it’s just because I’m mostly stuck inside staring at the same old low-lit, dusty and musty interior walls. Guess the light brights my sight...

Anywaayyy.......we happily stumbled upon this tract of land named after Reverend Ezekiel Rogers, who was the first minister in this little New England town (Rowley). It’s a parcel of 22 acres of salt marshes and located within, is the Rough Meadows Wildlife Sanctuary. Saw no wildlife at all but lordy...was it quiet! Like being in an outside church or as some simply call it...nature. Amen. And Hallelujah!





Yes, its been almost AMAZINGLY warm this week. But that followed a dark and rainy week so this day was especially appreciated. Do you guys get "leaf peepers?" I think our LP season is well past us (mid Oct) and now everything is starting to die and turn crusty and brown. But still....there's beauty.
About the same season for us. Color is gone and the wind is bring all the leaves down now.
We're full on yellows, at least when the sun is out. The last leaves fluttering to the ground, the sky today silver grey. I do love the clarity of the light when the sun is out, as Olive says crisp and clear. Enjoy while we can🙂
Very nice photos above...

I have come understand that there is a time for fighting for all and trying to correct what is wrong and organizing to reform and exposing all that is misleading and also a time to sit back and enjoy simple things like looking at a little dog on your path or a plant growing through ciment and listening to the giggle of a running creek, looking at the ducks getting ready to fly south without having to rearrange anything.
Yesterday was such a day. My son and Sunny had prepared a pique nique and invited me to take a long walk along the lake. I noticed that I can’t walk proudly as I used to do and sometimes catch myself shuffling a little over some taller shoots and dry grass.
I am getting to it.
I took a few photos on our walk.


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Love the oh so peaceful photos Olive and whilst the landscape becomes more stark in these coming winter months, there is still an air of beauty about it. I like the peace and quiet that comes with it. I was among the evergreens here, but even those lose the colour.
Some beautiful sunset photos Jocelyne.:giggle:
Lovely peaceful photo Ian. Even the forest floor is carpeted with lush ferns. :giggle:
Thanks sno. My youngest grandson picks up the emerald green moss and thinks it's something to do with the green goblin. 😊
My daughter explaining the different leaf colours to the boys 😊
Lots of it out there for the green goblin! Now, can Danni explain the leaf colors to me? :giggle:
Beautiful photos all around. Jocelyne, I LOVE your dog! OMG. Can we adopt him/her? So beautiful.

It had been crazy windy here and it snowed up the hill last night.
Isn’t she cute?
Carol, she is not my dog. Her name is Bella. I met this couple sitting on a bench with her. Like you, I instantly loved her and could only take a photo to remember how adorable she was. They told her to sit for me. 😘😘😘
Beautiful Bella with the Blue Eyes...👀

Speaking of eyes (oh, weren’t we?) and before this rolls away again...I have another weather related picture! So... I was draped backward over one of those exercise balls while listening to new agey meditation music. As one does. The back of my head was on the downside of the ball so that I could stare up and out through the screen of my bedroom window. (Got the image? Well need to be so frightened.)

Anyway, I could have stayed in that position all day, but the blood was draining outta my head.

I wanted a picture of what I was staring at, so I rolled off the ball to get the iPad, then “rehung” myself back into position to take a picture. A ball’s eye view. And now, I’ve forever captured my upside down tree, hanging onto it’s last yellow leaves, against the pure white sky, about to rain.

That is a joyful image you have left us with Olive. And I like the tree, or the idea of the tree, upside-down, and the leaves holding on for dear life.