Meteor Gazing

Dave Woody

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It took just a few minutes to do, rough and ready paintjob and the subject matter
spurned into life because a meteorite recently landed in Gloucestershire and it goes
on display tomorrow.

When I decided it was time to stop ... knowing it would not get any better by adding anything more
I knew exactly who it should live with, a mate at work who loves 'Life, The Universe and Everything'.
I messaged him and he likes it, agreed to look after it for me.

(no 149 in my log of works I've painted and passed on)
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I love this. It has a dreamlike feeling to it. I'm glad it came fast. Sometimes those are the best ones. ❤️
Amazing the atmosphere that can be produced with a few deft marks. That is one of your fortes. You have 39 remaining 😄
It is great Dave, you caught the mood with all your noses pointed up. Well done. (y)
A little bit better photo of the image....
I thought about giving them proper apparel, a tail for the pooch,
some hair on their bonces possibly and maybe even a few stars in the sky.

I do have a talent tho'...... it is knowing when to stop!!!
my choice of who I thought was the best person to give it to, to look after it for me, was a good one.
Initial reply from them said how much they liked the art, later I received another message detailing their
personal love of the subject matter and how I had captured it.

This is outrageously .... My own attachment to the piece.
I included a letter suggesting that I would like the piece to be returned to me
if ever it got boring for them to look at.

The reply I received indicated that I am unlikely to ever own it again.
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