Me as a Child


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A pencil drawing I made of me as a child.

Absolutely beautiful. What a touching expression you've captured. Great job.
Hi Penny. It's nice to find you over here! I just signed up today. I love this drawing of you as a child. Self-portraits are tough, but I really love the expression you've captured in this drawing. Well done!
Hello, Jenna. What a nice surprise! I am pleased you are here and will be able to show us your lovely, creative work. I joined PMP too, but the site isn’t as easy to navigate as this one. Thank you for your comments on my drawing. 👋🐾🐾

P.s. What forum will your wire sculptures be in?
Thank you for the warm welcome, Penny! I've only just begun to explore this site, but I expect they'll probably be posted in the Sculpture forum. Thanks again. So glad to be finding familiar friends here! :)
You are welcome, Jenna.

Ah! I haven’t seen the sculpture forum and will take a look.
that's pencil? I would have thought charcoal! How do you avoid the scritchy-scratchy look? blending it in with something?
Yes, drizzlewither, its pencil. I didn't use a blender but smoothed it with my fingertip and a paper tissue. I’m pleased you like it.