Mars Calling

Dave Woody

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Ha haa. Thanks everyone. I have tweaked it a bit.
Who would run the Earth Sales Office? Hmmm...and
...can any one of us claim a bit of Mars, when we get there?
actually....just experimentally, I have emailed this pic with an accompanying letter
to a couple of Mars Society Organisations I found on the Internet.

Who knows....
'Nothing might happen' I am often known to quip.
I am Dave Woodman, I live in Cheapside Village, Ascot, Berkshire, England.

I can't really paint, but I paint a lot, a lot of fun.

You might enjoy the attached picture. If it gets a grin, I am happy.

I actually feel comfortable to suggest that there is some depth in this one, my artistic simplicity is clearly obvious.

I hope you get a moment to have a giggle at it.
Thank You

Dave Woodman
30cm x 15cm cheap canvas.

I did this tonight having learned that the UAE have their 'Hope' probe successfully
In orbit around Mars, today. It is there to study Martian atmosphere.

Tomorrow, Tianwen-1, a Chinese probe is going to reach Mars and orbit the planet
to study the terrain with Ground Penetrating Radar. It also has the capability to launch
a surface lander.

A U.S. vehicle called 'Perseverance' is due to land on the Martian surface on February 18.
It will deliver a lander especially designed to search for ' habitable ' conditions.