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Dave Woody

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30cm x 40cm acrylic on paper.
( i think I posted an earlier version, but couldn't find it to follow posting-up).
I have found my earlier version in 'works in progress'. posted this final version there too.
Finished.....a personal quip added in.
I have a target for ownership of this waffle.
He might like it or hate it but he's one person
I know that has a professional connection to astronomy....and he is a most
excellent double Bass player.
You know how it is....just when you think it is finished, you do a bit more to it....

this is it now ...Actually finished...maybe
probably almost etc etc... i best post it off
Ha haa....I sent my target a 'tease' ... just the 'Black Holes (eat) Matter' part and he replied....
"That's clever...I'll share it with Prof Cox maybe".
Picture Received and... I quote the text reply sent to me ....."I love your pic, and its fun, and its comment, and its expression.... and Venus and Mars in the sky. And I do indeed have a big bASS"

i jumped for joy...66 times. Jump 66.