Man Who's Very Much Not an Artist Draws Hilariously Bad Pet Portraits to Raise Money for Charity

I don't think they are terrible, I quite like them all. They have a certain charm. :giggle:
OMG! How is he not an artist? Especially that cat with his mouth open. I love these.
some are very funny and nice.
dachshund, some cats etc,
one looks like Santa's little helper (Simpsons dog), cool
I love these two:


My landlady introduced me to his work. I think he is better than he lets on; many of these are clearly deliberately distorted and cartoonified. I particularly likes the supposed review of his work (which he also writes himself).
article says (paraphrasing) ""It started out as a joke on facebook - offering to draw your pet for $400. He got two thousand or more requests, and then told people to donate to his local homeless shelter instead.""-

$400. times 2,000 equals $800,000. eight-hundred-thousand dollars!! So either there is some exaggeration going on or he is a very "special" kinda guy.. The charity says it has raised $17,000 from his drawings. If he had taken the $400 per, he could have donated $300,000 of that to the charity and still made half a million dollars for himself. If it were in Denmark something would smell fishy.

My take is the venture was a bit more crafty (manipulative) from the beginning than is being told. Artists historically do what they have to do to get their work noticed. If my take is correct - Hats off to him. Ingenuity gets my admiration over dumb luck any day. As they say in movie credits. "No harm was done to Animals" and his career is launched.