Magdalena II


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For some reason, I never took any detail or WIP photos of this painting. The image started out as one of my first attempts at alluding to popular culture. The initial drawing had Batman and Robin hiding behind the folding screen peeping at Catwoman as she undressed. I thought of it as something of a Pop Culture Suzanna & the Elders. After a short while, I came to think that the idea was stupid and the composition with the 3 figures was entirely too crowded. She ended up becoming a second Magdalena. When I look back at some of these older paintings I often find myself thinking that the figure could have been improved. This one's not bad... but it could be better. But the space around the figure has much going for it. I'm surprised I never used something like that quirky folded screen again. Then again... from what I remember, it was an absolute bear to paint and apply that gold leaf. The colors... that Lemon-Lime Green and the Teal-Green... are quite unique among my paintings. And no RED! :oops: One of the advantages I truly miss from the old studio was having enough wall space to hand a good number of my paintings... and rotate them from time to time... so that I could learn from my own work.
I always have the last few paintings I've done to kind of inform the next few. Sometimes they don't at all, but I still hang them, and maybe a few favorites as well. This is a nice piece despite no red. ;)
I hesitate to comment, given your knowledge and my lack thereof, but I like this; I see a sort of Matisse/Japanese effect.

The amount and placement of the black color is educational to me, and I am encouraged to find that you use your older paintings to learn from because that validates what I have been doing.

Trier, Thanks. You're quite on the mark with your mention of Matisse and Japanese Art. Both have fueled my efforts for years. I learned a good deal about leading the eye through the use of flat areas of black from Japanese Ukiyo-e prints... especially those of Utamaro.