Louise Rivière


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This is an oil painted a long time ago.
she was my neighbour. Painted on two canvases.
Always wanted to rework it. She lives in a closet. 😁
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I actually painted a whole series of women, on two canvases .
In the bottom part, the hands would be busy doing some thing and the top part part had a different message. The eyes were elsewhere.
They were all sold. I posted them before with the exception of Louise and the apple one. It had a lot to do with my state of mind. Kept going on doing what there is to do and the mind is wandering.
‘’I’m fixing a hole where the rain gets in’’ 🌨


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it's a wonderful painting, I like it a lot, it communicates so much, then the colors you use and how you create a figure and I always find it exceptional.
edit: I had written before seeing the posts with the other figures, some I remembered, they are all wonderful
They're all good but for some reason I really like the one with the bowl of apples. Just not sure what it is about that one.
I don't get it. Another joke I don't get. What is wrong with me?

Lovely painting.
Since I painted this one, it has been in a closet for no one to see. This happens a lot around here, I am rarely satisfied with what I do. Yesterday found a bunch of drawings that Look pretty good to paint from. To my surprise I thought that they had been destroyed. 🙂