Looking to the Sun (X-posted in Botanicals)


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This was painted on black canvas. There is a bit of color over the black but it doesn't show much in the photo.

Wow! What a great piece. I love the angle, it's very original. The light, of course, is gorgeous! ❤
Thanks Arty. The angle is what attracted me to the photo, taken by a photographer in this area. Can't claim it as "my" angle, but I loved painting it. :)
This is great, because I can see movement, so instead of a stiff flower, this speaks of life
It's a unique take on a sunflower and it works really, really well. It's almost hyper-realistic, but at the same time has a much more natural look than hyper-realism. I agree with laf-art that the petals have life to them which adds to the appeal.
Good painting, and interesting about the black background. That does have a unique way of changing the appearance of an oil painting, doesn't it?