Local Autumn Color

Joan T

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Our autumn colors have been very slow in showing up and now that they are here I'm hoping to do a few paintings of the tree color. This one was done locally. The tree was pretty much between two houses. I usually work in watercolors but decided I have to start working in gouache once in a while instead of letting that palette sit unused. I was working on a 8 x 10 sheet of Arches watercolor paper.

IMG_8948 (1).jpeg
This is beautiful, Joan! I am happy to see these gorgeous russet colored leaves. One of my favorite autumn colors. ❤

Your tree has lots of personality. Nice job on the sky, too. Good work!
Lovely Joan. You are just as talented with gouache as you are with watercolor.
Beautiful! Love those autumn colours and love the shape of the tree too. At the moment some of our trees are in full Autumn mode, some have lost all their leaves and some are still green!
Lovely, reminds me of PA here, where we are past peak. Good choice with the muted sky to make the tree colors really pop.
Yes, you are so good with this media. Beautiful!

Joy, I miss PA. I used to live there when I was little.
Absolutely gorgeous - as are your Inktober sketches! You have such skill for simplifying and only including the essentials.
Wow, this really pops. I love your watercolor and this shows you can switch easily .. at least it looks easy. I'm giving you the evil grin.
Terri, I love the bright russet leaves too. My favorites are the maple trees but we don't have many around here. I'd have to head north to find a lot of them.

Queen Bee, thanks. I like the small town look of the white picket fences around here.

Anne, thanks. My problem with gouache is I tend to use it more like watercolors and haven't learned to go from dark to light. lol

Joy, our color change has been so slow. I'm sure we are going to end up with a bit storm that blows all the leaves off quickly. That's what always happens and is the reason I go out searching for color. I know it will be gone so soon.

Thanks, Artyczar, Laika, and Donna T.

Jo, I have to be patient and think about how the gouache should be used. But patience isn't one of my virtues. lol

Thank you, Moscatel.
Beautiful autumn colours, and I have gouache envy! Love the way you've caught the lean of the tree, and your foliage work is gorgeous as always.
Beautifully painted, and I love the choice of colours. The bright glowing warm autumn colours of the leaves work nicely against the darker moody sky.
Thanks, Triss. The leaning tree was what caught my eye and made we turn around to paint this.

Hawkmoth, thanks so much. I love the bright colors like these.
Great piece. For Plein air there is a short window to capture fall color... I guess that's why they call it fall -'cause the leaves fall off.
Glad you were there with brush to capture it - beautiful.
Thanks Jane and Bongo. It seems that the leaves take so long to get color and then a rain or windstorm usually comes along and blows everything off the trees. So I try to get out as often as I can to paint right now.