Little Falls In A Brook



11 x 14 Alla Prima .. oil on paper .. knives .. painted 20/11/21
.. a small brook with falls based on a photo from our trip to Nfld.
Really nice, Wayne! I like how the texture describes the foliage in the foreground and the falls is beautiful.
Thank you Donna .. love playing with the play of light

Thank you Jo ... light is life
Thank you Maureen ..

Thank you Lazarus ... I keep forgetting about the buttons.
Thank you Lamar and Perry.

Yes, remote but accessible by car. A little park area.
Wow! I could gush on this one, but I feel like I do that a lot with you. This one is particularly great. Love all the contrasts. Excellent Wayne.
Thanks Ayin .. Gush: I think of someone who has had two too many and is over the bowl 🤣

.. yes, I know what it means the other way and thank you.
Wayne, I really like this composition....nice depth portrayed and I get a good feeling of movement in the water. Once again your knifework just creates such wonderful textures. Great work.