Linda's Trees


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This is an older one, started as a PA and was finished in the 'studio' (bathroom). I also did some variations, one of which is a sort of abstract and I am going to post it in the Abstract thread.

16x20 in acrylic/paper

I may yet add a swath of yellow wildflowers (goldenrod).
Any and all comments and advice appreciated
So lovely, swirly, and even existential in a nature kind of way. I want to live in it. ❤️
Thanks Arty, you have verbalized sort of what I felt at the time. If we are not on the same page, at least we are reading the same book.
Trier, I also like this piece as it is. Beautiful work, entire painting is reading well, I think. It´s balanced, too.
I agree with the other fellas here: nice work. The only thing that bothers me a bit is that deep blue patch in the upper (viewer’s) right corner. I’d brighten it with white.
moscatel - Thanks for your evaluation, appreciated.

Nufocus - Thanks as always - You are right, I meant to fix that blue patch but forgot about it until too late.