Lightbulb Moment Turned Pear-shaped. 2020 (Pre-lockdown)


2 eyes.
The title was a "working title" that stuck. This was my first time to add a representational element to the "cave wall". I understand masks are something of a trope, but wtheck. I did not like them at first, so I punched them up a bit like late Artaud, stabbing, obliterating the image. And then my adversary was suddenly my best friend, very unexpected.

Lightbulb moment turned Pear-shaped.jpg

This is another, done directly after. I didn't know where I was going with it, hence the look of an artist's studio floor. Maybe that should be the title: Masks of Artist's studio floor, or, Plastered on an...etc. or, even, The Remains of Broken Dreams. Why Broken? Drama! Anyhow...

studio floor.jpg

The above has an "ancient" poem written on its backside, for what it's worth. And I don't think the image does justice, again!

I guess, to be an artist one has to "risk" looking like a fool. Suffering from anxiety, etc., I have had plenty of experience feeling like a fool, but not much experience in the artistic department.
Very African/alien. I like it. It gives that chewing gum vibe again, but definitely the African mask are there, which was my first art love and the most interesting to me.
The second gives almost the "hidden image" appearance and the first one more of the punched masks. The first mask in the first image looks to me like an animal's nose and before I scrolled down that is where I thought you were going. i.e. "my best friend" 😊 Do you ever frame these?
The frame is built into them, no? I hope you are not saying my "African masks" (thanks arty!) look like pugs, sno! I would never forgive you.

They do look a little brachycephalic, I have to admit.
I may have to be among the unforgiven. The first one does look like a canine nose. 😊 ;)
These kind of have a feeling of mass graves to me, with the skulls rising above the mud. To me they're kind of eerie. However on the other hand they hold an air of mystery that draws the viewer.
That is my response too, Mayben. Thanks for taking the time to view and respond.

Thanks, Bizzibee. I only became aware of Basquiat recently, which is strange since we were exposed to much of what came out of New York street culture at that time, but not Fine Art though.
It is a good thing you kept at it ;)

The thought just occured to me, maybe I should have masked the masks?