Left over paint and a Modigliani



1 x 14 inches .. oil on paper .. alla prima .. painted Marcch 07/24
Had some paint left over and decided to do a study of a Modigliani .. you can google lens search the image fo find the original which I didn't go out of my way to copy but did make a rendering of it.
There is overall more depth in modiglianis arts, but the general idea is definitely conveyed.
Nice one Wayne! You conveyed the style of this “young girl wearing a rose” quite well. It looks like this model was featured in several other paintings.
Yes, I found her with no problem. You did a very credible job. Well done. ❤️
Thank you Sno and John.
Just a quick splash and dash. Never looked at his paintings but remembered the name from some show on TV. I like that his style on this piece is so forgiving and yet so eye catching in its innocence. Interesting to say the least.
Wayne, you're doing a great job capturing the styles and subjects of former famous painters. So good in fact that I hope you're signing your own name.... LOL
This makes me think of Modigliani filtered through Max Beckmann:


Being a huge fan of both artists, I quite like your painting.
Thank you .. Modigliani in the mirror .. or is she hiding in the background? That is quite nice.