Leeds Castle Panorama Progress Painting

I can see why this is one of your favorites. It is beautiful. It's more ambitious than I usually tackle so that makes me admire it even more.

Thanks for the steps along the way.
Very good work for the panorama photo, and very nice watercolour too.
Reflections are well done!
I really like this, Doug. Excellent work. I enjoyed seeing its progression, too.
Doug - this is wonderful and the work that has gone into this is amazing! Love it!
Here’s a panorama I assembled from photos taken on a recent visit to Leeds Castle. It was a dull rainy day so I have substituted a blue sky.
Transferred from wetcanvas.


My sketch 21×9 on 200lb Saunders Waterford rough paper:


Initial washes applied:


Foreground and trees added:


Windows added:


Reflections etc:


Finished Painting:


Painting framed:


All in all an interesting painting to do.

Wonderful work and I appreciated the step by step process
Thanks, I think I did this in the course of a day, I like to work in one hour stints between cups of tea :)
Doug, what an accomplishment! The WIP was very informative. No wonder you framed this. It is a masterpiece. It must have taken weeks.
I just checked, I did it on 5th August 2008 and finished it in one day. I like to get stuck in on a painting I am enjoying.