Last Thread of 2020

Dave Woody

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30cm x 30cm cheap canvas

My last pic of 2020. I hoped to be struck with generous inspiration, but....
all I found was this idea. Maybe after a half dozen bevvies, someone will find a connection
in it regarding 2020 and all that we have had to endure.

I had fun trying to paint lot are so lucky that you have amazing talent that delivers
realistic images without hardly trying.
I am so lucky you accept me here.....stiff brushes, fingers, warts and all. Thank you.
See you next year.
....realised the needle was not between thumb and finger. Fixed it, hence the re-post.
Ahhhh....I thought I would get a laugh from you for this my perky last post.....
Needle, Thread....ahhh. Art is a world of wonder we all see quite differently.
I really like this. It's thick with paint (which I always like)--sculptural and humorous at the same time.

Sno--get a threader! ;)
I have a bunch all over the place. Put one on every level surface in the house and you should be good. :LOL:
My take on the the new year, we must stitch together the deep divisions that have been exposed over the past year and move closer to realizing the great (still sadly unfulfilled) promise of our nation. It is going to be a difficult needle to thread. I hope you all have a safe, healthy happy new year.
Thanks for replies everyone. I did want to paint a deep and meaningful
picture, but truly....all I could come up with was a picture and a punny title ....

PSA3475 .... I am grateful for your addition and as such, I feel that including my own
insight is a way of me thanking you for taking the time to 'look into' the image.

the cotton is seemingly cut sharp, no frayed fibres...we all know that ain't the norm
the eye of this needle seems oversized, easy to thread....that ain't the norm
the needle is bent....
the cotton between the fingers is SO short...might be a novice threading

Ha Haaa
All it needs is a haystack in the background.
I have tweaked the pic since initial posts, so I will add it here, the final version.
I was thinking about giving this image to my mother-in-law.

My mother-in-law is a terrific seamstress and I was looking for a 'caption' to add
in the top right (she's Polish ... ) to give the image some Ooomph.

I scribbled and scribbled a lot of clever stuff like 'Life is a weave' etc etc
then I realised that...actually....this pic is quite profound in it's own way if
you think how procreation creates material in the world.
Thread needs a needle and a needle needs thread....etc

(Not like Percy Fitzpatrick and Patrick Fitzpercy.....)
My good friend, Milton Grubert.... is continually scratching his head as to 'why' I would give my work away.

He is a professional artist, truly gifted, a gem and a soul mate of mine.