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12 x 12 Acrylic
I love this! The tilted shade lends a cocky little feel to this warm, inviting painting.
Lovely painting, especially the light on the metal. I too like the tilted lampshade.
Excellent work on the silver, and lovely detailing. The wonky lampshade is a real winner with me!
Very good AND so interesting because of how you arranged the items--the shade, etc. I like the dark background. ♥️
Green, indeed every painting is a new lesson .. your painting "Lamp" is shiny and outstanding. I like the chiaroscuro feel to it.
Cool style. I like how they look and the composition works well too.
I like the drama of the light and dark - and the tilted shade adds movement to the still life.
I read an article about this - long time ago - where the artist always tried to show movement in her SL works - like wine being poured from bottle to glass ...... your's is in that vein!