Lake Union


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oil on 18" x 12" panel.
comments welcomed
Lake Union2637.jpg
That's nice but you have too much time on your hands. Wow. Painting all those windows and panels.
Well painted! The sky recedes very well and the foreground feels right in its value and simplicity. Maybe some of the more distant buildings could be a lighter value with less contrast?
Thank you Wayne and Desforges appreciate you stopping by.

Barrie - thank you, and well seen. I realized the same after I finished painting. I went back and took some diluted zinc white and tried to knock things back but the paint was too wet to do much more than some edges. When it's (more) dry I'll give it another pass.
This is wonderful. I really like your muted palette. Well done!
Yes, the muddy palette, or I should say muted palette, is actually refreshing. It gives this "shot" of the day a very specific vibe, like "this is everyday. People do what they do: go to work and live inside these structures. They are not abandon." I am in love with this scene. What city is it? It can be a lot of working class places (in my mind anyway).

SO well done! Extraordinary. ♥️
Terri, Arty thank you so much

This is in Seattle - it's a view from GasWorks park looking across Lake Union into town. The skyline and foreground are accurate to the location -- the elevated rail is my invention.

Actually Seattle is in the midst of building a Lite Rail System that will interconnect the whole city - although the tracks aren't where I put them. About half of it is operational the rest probably by early next year. THere is a station not two blocks from my house that can take me to GasWorks park in 10minutes - to town in under 15minutes, etc. - no parking worries.
As usual, Bongo, you project a very real sense of place. It feels like a big city on a cloudy day, and all rather contemplative.
Thanks Nu - your comment somehow reminds me of James Brown who was known as "the hardest working man in show business".

Truffle - the cloudy day palette comes natural 'cause all Seattle has are cloudy days.