Lago d‘Iseo


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Hello, I hope I am not boring you to death, but this is what I see every day (for one more week) - how can I not paint this?

W&N watercolor incl some titanium white on wc paper (300g/m2), 9*12‘‘

C&c very welcome 😀

Thank you for looking

Nice! I love the colors in the foreground. The red roofs are a great contrast. Is the water more blue than that?
Lovely inviting landscape, I really like how the church is framed by the mountains. I like the transition from cool to warm colours as well.
Brings back memories; I visited this lake a couple of summer holidays with my parents and sister, back in the eighties.
Lovely painting, and enjoy your stay!
Thank you for your comments artyczar, triduana and ejh.
Yes, I was slso debating whether I should put a blue wash over the sea snd decided against it - I have ultramarine blue in my triad and I am a little afraid of it.

Since I have them I thought I share my WIP shots with you
All looks good. You could always use a light blue such as manganese blue or cerulean, to do a light toned blue shape such as this. Easy to lift off if you don't like the effects.
Thank you Kay and Artyczar, I have manganese blue with me (Winsor blue green shade I think it is called) and I will try a light wash). Kay, could you please explain to me what you mean by easy to lift off if I don‘ t like it? Won‘t I mess up the paint that is underneath?
Thank you for your inputs, they are very much appreciated ❤️

I find you sometimes can't fully lift off. Getting it very wet (almost to a scrub without ruining the paper) after applying the paint and then using a soft dry Kleenex will pull off much of the paint. That's how I do it. Kay might have a better technique though.