Ladder to Dad


This one is big (for me). Ladder to Dad, oil on canvas, 48 x 60 inches.


See Sno. I told you that springy horse shows up again.
Wow! There's so much here to love I hardly know where to start! The swirls in the sky, the soft palette - all the pink and blue and yellow - makes me so happy to look at it. ❤️ Plus I love those springy rides!

Excellent work! Thanks to @Lazarus for resurrecting this thread. :)
Yes, thank you to Lazarus for bringing this back to life. I really appreciate that.

Thank you to everyone who has commented on this piece. It took a month to paint it because it is a larger piece for me. It's actually 40 x 60 inches, not 48. I got it confused with a different one. Still large.

Lazarus, This is a kind of fantasy painting of the desert and goes with a series of other pieces I did with things in desolation containing items that don't belong there. The ladder leads up to the sky, and I named it "Ladder to Dad" because my father may live up there? I don't know where the dead go after they die, but it was a nice thought I had after the painting was finished. Thank you for asking. :)
A month? and i thought i work so hard on one piece of work. i thought father means to our creator, but in a similar way our creator are really our fathers (part of it). really beautiful stuff, great little story behind that work. and the work itself well done.
I'm glad this is big - it's deserves to be! I admire all of it but especially the subtle lines in the sky ... like a gentle breeze.
Thank you Donna. I appreciate that. The lines were done with a toothpick, carved into the paint. :)
Beautiful, Arty.
I missed this too and am so glad I found it now.
I knew almost immediately about the ladder.