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Labyrinth. Winsor & Newton alkyds on hardboard, 760 x 610 mm. The raised labyrinth was made by dipping 6 mm nylon rope in acrylic impasto medium and shaping it on the primed board.

Oh, that is very inventive. The metallic colour of the labyrinth gives it a historical or other culture flavour, I think. Love it. Inspired.
Thank you, Iain. As a starting point I was thinking of the colours of the walls in the palace of Knossos, as well as the blues of the sea and the sky.
Ooh I like this. Colours are gorgeous and I love the way you made the labyrinth
Thank you for the comments, guys. I've always been very interested in textures and I'm thinking of doing a few paintings that incorporate scraps of real metal surrounded by impasto textures. I painted this labyrinth one for myself, for as change — it's already hanging in its designated place.
I like the metallic look of the labyrinth surrounded by the weathered look of the paint skips around it. Looks great! :giggle: