Kitchen Tools Sketch on Reused Paper

Jo Castillo

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I thought you might like to see what I do for pastel sketches for the Scavenger Hunts where we sketch from life. I started with a sketch I did of some books on UArt Sanded 400 grit paper:


I wiped this sketch off and added alcohol and wiped that off.

wiped copy.jpg


When all dry, I did the sketch of some Kitchen tools with a variety of soft pastels.


And the photo of my set up.


I keep a good photo in case I want to publish or print it. Otherwise I recycle paper and sketches. Saves paper and space. Of course if I end up with a fabulous painting I can keep it and start the next sketch on new paper. I do the same on MiTientes paper or Pastelbord. MiTientes doesn't take water or many layers, but good for sketching and very inexpensive in comparison.
I love both the sketches Jo! You really have pastels nailed down. Is there anything more versatile than pastels? Thank you for sharing your process with us - very interesting ❤️
Nice way to re-use that paper, Jo! Just having a toned background can be so inspiring and your pinkish purple surface was begging for another chance. Your still life turned out great and it was also nice to have a peek at your studio space!
CaliAnn, thanks. Yes pastels are so versatile. I like that they can just be there, waiting to be used. I don't have to prepare anything except my surface and I can walk away and come back days later and pick up a pastel and am immediately back to painting.
Sometimes if I'm not happy with a painting, I will wipe it off and turn the surface upside down and go again with the ghost as an under painting.

Donna T, thank you. I do like to work with some sort of under painting. A white or plain surface can be intimidating. I have a great studio. There are photos on my blog That was when it was first set up so the walls are covered as are most of the surfaces. The shelves are rain gutters which are super you can put framed or unframed paintings, paint, tools, and more. They don't need painting and were easy to hang.
Lovely work Jo. As well you have a beautiful gallery and studio.
Thanks so much. My studio is so full of "stuff" now I need to clean and organize. Maybe that would make me want to paint more. I've been in a long dry spell.
joe1lt, MiTientes is great paper. I like to use the smoother side with less grid. It still holds 3 or 4 light layers.
This is so cool, Jo! You made a lovely background and turned an old piece into something brand new.

Love your studio! Thanks for sharing the link!
Thanks, Kay. If I had spent more time I would have put a bit of dark green in the background, too. Lots to think of in a sketch. Equal space top and bottom to edge of paper. I was pleased though, I haven't made a "real" painting in ages and this is close. Appreciate your thoughts so much.
Hi Jo. Like the finished painting. The wiping off really worked. I have tried alcohol (vodka) on mi tintes and it rippled, had to really work at flattening it. But i do wipe or brush-off at times when I get to peeved with my efforts. Nice outcome.
Murray, thank you. I sketch almost every day for the Scavenger Hunts here on CS so I wipe off until the paper doesn't hold anymore. I just take photos to have a record. Can't keep everything. I mostly sketch in sketchbooks with ink or ink and watercolor and keep those.