Karlův most, Prague


Watercolour on Winsor & Newton paper (rough, 100% cotton 140lb, 1/4 of imperial sheet)

🎁 A present for my brother

Thanks everybody! Prague is a very nice place and have visited it a few times, all with my brother so that is why I painted this for him.

It was a fun and challenging painting to do, I loved the light effect and I'm glad I was able to capture it to an extent.

For reference in case you are interested, this was the palette I used:

- Cobalt Azure PB35
- Transparent Orange PO71
- Perylene Green PBk31
- Raw Sienna PBr7/PY43
- Perylene Red PR178
- Manganese Violet PV16

All Schmincke colours.
Fantastic, what a lovely painting!
Also thanks for the palette (complete with pigment numbers, I am becoming a bit of a nerd in that area), I love these kind of "technical" details.
Thanks for your kind words!

E.J.H: I'm also always interested in that kind of stuff, perhaps you already know about them but if not you should check out these 2 channels on youtube, they both showcase different pigments and different brands of watercolor and they do an excellent job:

Oto Kano's: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCH9e6JpRMtxsNraIhoYvTOA
In Liquid Color (Denise Soden): https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCnh5k3c1miCbQlt0Q8iXePw

And probably one of the best resources on watercolour swatches online:
Jane Blundell's blog: https://janeblundellart.blogspot.com/

Have fun!
Denise Soden is a new one for me, I'll check it out, the other ones I had come across.
You have most likely heard of https://www.handprint.com ? Also a great resource for watercolor painters, very thorough indeed.
Love Prague, Charles bridge, puppets, the bar 'U Fleku' and your painting, which has a lovely array of light and shadow.

Strangely enough, I once bought a watercolour in prague from an artist painting on the street. No idea what happened to it.
Tinkertrain, Fantastic Work!
Your brother is the lucky one!! Thanks for the palette 🎨 colors list also.