Joshua Tree Park


Another little desert landscape of Joshua Tree National Park, 6 x 9 inches. It's watercolor on Arches paper with colored pencil embellishments.

I missed this! What a lovely watercolour! With the risk of putting the proverbial foot in the mouth, what does it for me are the hills. I find a satisfying paradox between the flatness of the them and the perspective. Maybe it's just me. Or maybe it expresses a sense of unreality that I have experienced.

I could see a little chapbook of watercolour studies of the JT landscape, interspersed with the creatures one may have encountered. Tortoise are a favourite. 🙂 Maybe a mid-price production commissioned by the Park. How many visitors will they get per year? I was going to make a joke about a deluxe edition bound in...nah...they really are a favourite!
I missed it too. I love it. I have to ask, are the little marks in the sky a representation of rain or just an Arty way of coloring the sky?
I suppose they too have a rainy season, but more likely an Arty way of coloring the sky or wishful thinking! The whole piece is wonderful, I love the trees!
Thanks guys. Yes, the sky was a last thought because I was bored of how it looked on its own. It was just a crazy thing to do to the sky. It is not rain, but it could be I suppose, and because rain doesn't usually belong in the desert, all the better.

A book of these? You know I want to now, but I think I'd want to maybe print them because doing an all original edition, even a small one, would probably make me go insane again. But this is what I mean about how lazy I've become. Maybe it's something to think about. There's been a different artist's book I was thinking/planning on doing that is very intricate but I don't have the funds for it right now, and I was only going to make 10 of those. I'll do it one day.

A JT Park one sounds cool, and I am applying for JT National Park Artist's residency again, but they only pick two artists a year out of I don't know how many apply from all over the world. That is a good project to propose though. Thanks!

You'd be surprised at how many visitors they get in a year. It's nuts. You have to wait in line in your car maybe 20 minutes on a weekday on the off-season to get in.