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Egg tempera on 5x5 hardboard panel. From photo by KreativeK. Needs a bit of shadow to anchor her hamper/bed.
Jezebel looks completely relaxed. This is so nice! I agree that a little shadow wouldn't hurt. Do you do any kind of underpainting for tempera paintings? I don't know much about it.
Love this! Something about the way you did the textures in her fur and the line work of the basket. It's a super cool piece! ♥️ ♥️ ♥️
Thanks for the encouraging words, snoball, Donna T, Arty, Lazarus.
Do you do any kind of underpainting for tempera paintings?
Not necessarily. Some iconographers paint/write from dark to light in layers, so I guess that the bottom layer (proplasmos) could be considered an underpainting, especially on the flesh areas. I'm aghast every time I see that dark proplasmos color get slopped on over a detailed drawing of facial features o_O
This is beautiful, Lamar! I love the brushwork here, these long lovely lines. So stylized! Those blue eyes are hypnotic.

Jezebel is one cool cat! ❤
An innocent look belies those claws!😂
I rather like this … never used the medium but maybe should try it! Are mistakes difficult to deal with?
Thank you, Maureen! I'm pretty sure that those are out in the original photo.

A recent mistake could be rewetted and lifted, but care would have to be taken not to lift more than the mistake. A mistake that was dried and set could be scratched out with a fine blade and/or sanded. Egg tempera dries to the touch very quickly, but it's somewhat fragile until it really dries.
That's her! My sweet Jezebel, and she looks so sweet in her little round comfy bed. A great job, Lamar!