JEAN-MICHEL'S HANDS (Proudly Presents)


2 eyes.
I don't know if this belongs here, in Contemporary and Abstract, or even in the bin :ROFLMAO:
I was going to wait and use something other than this mobile, but a dslr does not guarantee a superior image, at least, not in these hands.
I have to be honest and admit, I think this piece could probably have been a quarter of the length it is, as the focus is on the centre piece, but I did not account for it. Oh, well, when one is not of a character to plan things out, haphazard lackadaisical, you have to take what you get. I was a bit pissed last night and, by morning, I had added red and retitled the work, The Fucking Abstracted. "The music cannot help but reflect what is going on around us." JM


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How big is this?I like the title🙂. It's an interesting piece, very textural, I like the colours
Thank you. Once I raise myself, I must measure it. Going out on a limb, I'd say it is about 3' × 10"

The title relates to the white/black thingy in the centre, which I thought looked like anatomy (namely, torso/ribcage) in Basquiat's oeuvre. Probably way off! 😆
But it is he, his ghost, who did it.
Any other relation, say, to a poem by a nineteenth century poet, is purely coincidental, and would be too clever by half!

I must sleep...
This is so cool Iain! I know I can't ask how you did it because you have your trade secrets, but however it was done, it is so interesting and compelling. I like the what's it called...the specs?...the dimensions? the layout? the size of it? My brain has had a fart. But I have done some things in this FORMAT! That's the word! (Long and skinny) on pieces of lumber. I like that this is within a box-type thing. It's very cool. Ten stars!
I really like it! And yes, it could have been shorter in length but many, including me, like this long, narrow format. Very well done. :giggle:
How big is this?
Finally measured it. 3ft 70"x 1' . I only started with this format when I happened upon some skinny plywood. Prior to that, everything was horizontal, cardboard mounts. Measuring. Horizontal. Mounts. What day is this?
I thought I would add detail images as one can't quite get a real flavour of the work from the distance needed to shoot the whole. I hope it is not overkill. I have added a crown, which is attached with wire. It looks simple but it was a bugger to mount (There's that word again).
Just realised, this work, my work, looks like your work spaces (And not the "neatnic" ones). tehehe
(Detail) With crown.jpg

Love the edge.jpg

About face..jpg

Like my lil' man? That is like the extent of my naturalistic (?) practise. Kidding not.
Wow, thanks for these detail shots. I can appreciate it much more now. And the crown makes it even better. I love it!