J Tree


I am not a photographer. I occasionally take pictures, and when I do, I try to take good ones. One out of every hundred turn out alright. This is one of those.

Thanks. The Joshua Trees are everywhere here. That one just seemed so perfect. They are variants of the Yucca plant.
Talk about "sky blue." Fascinating landscape for someone who lives in my climate, and your work really feels imbued with the landscape. I was awed by the orange hues created by the setting sun in Portugal. I wonder what it is like there, in JT, with the setting sun.


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It's a nice photo, good composition and nice subject. It makes me notice the contrast between the smooth desert rocks and desert trees/brush. I've been on the edge of Joshua Tree, and have at least one photo of these wonderful trees floating around...

Maybe I'll post some photos at some point, I have tons of nature photos but mostly they get shared with family. I think I don't think of them as my "art" because the process of pointing/shooting and just color correcting or cropping is low effort compared to the kind of work I was doing in school.
Thank you xie and Iain. I'd love to see your pics xie.

Iain, I like your photo here. The oranges with the blue are brilliant. There isn't much of a setting sun here, but the sunrises are incredible.