It's not a virus

Dave Woody

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40cm x 30cm cheap canvas

I did this in March 2020 and hung it in the window, just to have a giggle with our neighbours.

My lovely wife removed it, much concerned that it could be seen as a very bad joke.

I am quite proud of it as a piece tho', because, I can't really paint, but this one kind of worked out well.
Corona might as well be a virus. It tastes like a skunk's butt! Give me a Samuel Smith Imperial Stout to wash that down.

By the way... I quite like this one... I think it's the quirky line quality that I especially like.
Well you don't have a case of the Corona, it takes more than one to make a case. 😁
This is great! I do like Mexican beer but not Corona. I don't drink anymore though. Not really anyway.
I like Negra Modelo. And there's a Brazilian beer called Xingu that's very black... but has a honeyed taste. Most of my favorites are from Ireland, the UK, Belgium, and Germany... as well as small craft brew companies in the US.