Is great art "bull"?


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OK, meant that to grab your attention to an interesting facet of art, but the bull is really there.[image1]/0/

You have to read through to Picasso's remarks to understand the profundity of this deceptively simple sculpture. First time it was presented to me I thought "clever". Then the more I looked the more I liked and felt it "provocative and evocative". Finally I was told it was by Picasso, in which case as I studied more of Picasso's work and development I realized it was actually a statement that hinted at genius.

Is it art? For sure by my definition of art as an attempt at expression. Is it great art? Not to my way of thinking. Is it by a great artist, without any doubt!

Despite its simplicity and its componentry, it's a true visual representation of a major cultural symbol that covered about 40,000 years of his cultural heritage. It's a subject that he depicted in several media and many many many times over in his art over the decades. It has a lot of stories behind it. He was aware of, studied intently, and intentionally developed his themes and forms from everything from African sculpture to cave art. His ability to recognize the shape, shadow and power of the bull's head in such everyday objects to me exhibits his particular genius.

Was he laughing when he did it? I can just picture him doing so. But he wasn't necessarily laughing at us.

What do you think?