International Self Portrait Day 2021


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This is my 8th International self portrait day. Oil on 19x27cm canvas panel. Used mirror as my reference. Also, it is my 2nd year using oil for self-portrait, so that's still relatively a new thing. 😅

Here's my previous works if you're curious. (y) First 6 are digital, last one was with oil.

DM, WOW! I like your self portrait a lot. Also a very good series of self portraits from earlier years, thanks for showing them all togeher.
This is really good! Great lighting. I really like your others too, so thanks for sharing! :)
very nice .. I am partial to the oil .. and the model is a looker is she'd only smile. :)
@moscatel Thank you! :D It's probably only challenge I have managed to stick to for so long. It's cool to see my progress. 👍
@Triduana Thank you and anytime! :D
@Enyaw Thank you! I've tried to smile in my previous works only to mess it up so this time you get to see how I look when I am concentrating. 🤣
These are all terrific! Great work. I am also partial to the oil. What beautiful work you've done, Dm7!
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Beautiful work with the light and colour on the face, and I love the strokes on the shirt collar and the background treatment. Wonderful to see the progression of your portraits - it looks from all of them that you have a great eye for painting light.
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@Terri Thank you! :D
@triss Thank you! It's my fleece jacket, it keeps me warm. ;) I'm glad you noticed that I'm into light - Rembrandt's my fav artist because he is into lighting and chiaroscuro. I want to be like him!
This/these are wonderful Dm7. Very impressive work. You are very skilled and were able to get great lighting and color tones on this. It's really beautiful. ♥️ ♥️ ♥️

I did not know if was International self-portrait day. :unsure:
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DM, I read in the other thread the story after your nick name, I was wondering what the letters mean, the number 7 I guessed already. Thanks for writing the story behind it to us.
I've been also looking at great interest your self portraits because I'm trying to study the facial shapes. As it happens, there was done a great study of our ppl what is our genetic relatives .. where do we come from. I was always thinking maybe from countries from southern border, maybe from east or maybe west. In the north there's a slice of land of Norway but our body structure is too different to the Norwegians that no way we come from there. Just a while ago they did a large genetic map and it showed clearly from where we come from: it's Holland. Our genetic structure doesn't have anything to do with anybody else in Europe except has everything to do with genes of Dutch ppl. Interesting, isn't it! How did we genetically origin to the Netherlands .. maybe the big boats of strong soldiers came with "viking" boats for a visit .. men were sailing a lot in those day .. who knows ..
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@Artyczar Thank you for your comment. :) Yeah, every Nov 1 is the international self-portrait day. The goal is to do that every year to see how much you've improved/progressed. It's probably the only challenge I have managed to stick to for so long. It'd be fun to watch me aging over time with this challenge. 🤣 And hopefully become a painting master at the same time.

@moscatel That's interesting indeed. I have a long story about that, so let's skip to this point. The closest theory I have for my facial structure is from Germany due to my biological parent's last name. That's all I know because I've been adopted. It's only a theory at this point so, maybe, you're right. I feel much more at home here in the Netherlands than anywhere else, so who knows, maybe my genes can "feel" it here. 🤣