Interior View

P. Barrie

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Soft Pastels on paper, 18” x 22”

This is excellent. I love the feeling of it and the reflections. Well done! Did you use stick, pencils, Pans?
Schuee, thanks. I used Rembrandt soft pastels and possibly some mixed other brands, all sticks.
I love this....the light is beautiful ! I really like interiors, and they are something I hardly ever see. Beautiful room.....lovely inviting's wonderful !
I absolutely love this - excellent work! The light through the curtains and the shine on the chairs and table. Wow!
Much thanks to all fellow artists! It’s good to hear especially on this piece as it has always remained close. I’m in a different house now and I need to record some memories of it as well.
How beautiful this is! Your scene is both open and personal, very inviting. I love your open window and the green outside, and the cozy table. You just killed it with the reflections - wow!!

Be proud of this one - it's a gem.
Absolutely beautiful Patrick, I feel that it was done from the heart. Resonates strongly with me.
Again, thank you all for commenting. This piece was done from life, and to be honest, at a time when I was motivated and confident and my art was not on the back burner.
extremely well seen. The details on the flower arrangement - the mat underneath that has the ruffle - exactly like it would bunch if you just set a heavy bowl of flowers on a polished table. The edge treatment on the table, with the spot on perspective.