I wish I had...


What are some of the things you wish you had in your studio? What would make is more workable, or even perfect. Dream it up!

Other than having more ROOM, and wall space, I always need more clean/empty surfaces to put stuff on. I hate that I have to clear everything off my drawing table to start something new and can't really work on more than two things at a time: something on the easel and something flat on the table.

I'd also love a concrete floor. I have carpet now and live in a rental. I'd love to own my own studio. I don't even care if I own my own house, just an attached studio would be nice!

Higher ceilings. They don't have to be 100 feet high, just higher than eight feet so I can comfortably fit a Sorg easel. They make one for lower ceilings, but another foot of ceiling height would be nice to fit a bigger canvas.

A climate controlled storage space--free of charge of course.

A part-time assistant. They could do all my computer crap and prep surfaces, saving me a load of time. Maybe I would be able to produce more work as fast as other artists do.

A chase lounge. I used to have one in one of my old studios where I'd be able to sit or laydown while taking breaks and looking at the work.
Well certainly you know my answer, Arty. I wish I had more SPACE! Something more than the walk-in closet I am dealing with right now with a ceiling height of maybe 12 feet. I have the couches... currently stored in the garage... that I was formerly able to crash out on while looking at my painting in progress. Honestly, my ideal would be to have something akin to a workspace like I formerly had at home. Beyond that? Some assistants would be nice to deal with the mundane needs of hanging and priming working surfaces, raising and lowering paintings, cleaning the mess, etc... Somehow I can't convince my wife to do all that. 😄
Since about two years I have a designated work area in our home for my art hobby; an ikea table with a drawing board that tilts, some okay lighting, could be improved. A couple of shelves and cupboards for drawing supplies, a low cupboard with large drawers to toss my work in after completion.
I am actually quite happy with that set up, Any time the mood strikes me I can go there and do something which is a huge improvement.
Short term wishes, just details, improve that lighting, an extra shelve system near the table, a cutting mat would be practical.
In the longer term, more space is always nice, converting one of the small bedrooms to a little studio would be nice, it just requires the kids to move out...:ROFLMAO:
More space or at least more storage. Right now I have to move my easel out of the way after painting and most of my limited supplies are just stacked around.

A printer that actually works right.

A new digital camera that I could take pictures of my work with.

And one of those projectors that can show the picture on the canvas to transfer it would be nice but I’m afraid I’d just keep blocking it and getting frustrated until I gave up on it.
I have a projector, but I've hardly used it, unless it's for a really large painting. They are actually difficult to use and you do need a bit of space for it. Not a lot, but some. It is a little frustrating because you do block the light of the projection when tracing the image onto the canvas, so you have to come in on it from the sides a bit, but it can be worth it, depending on the composition you're working on. It's usually easier to just take the time to redraw the thing. I think I paid $150 for mine and it is a good one, but that was over a decade ago. It's also a bit hard to focus it clearly.
Heating and cooling system. I certainly can't blame all of my productivity issues on the lack of temperature control, but when temps impact how materials dry it's definitely part of the problem.