I Drink Alone .. until ..



11 x 14 Alla Prima Oil on Panel
Either she is already drunk or I am, that glass stem will never hold that glass upright. :ROFLMAO: Well painted.
Maybe I was ... I was so intent on being overly loose I did forget that some amount of detail needs to be true.

Thank you .. good you mentioned that.
She looks as happy as an absinthe drinker, who realises she been given the wrong glass! I love the bottles, her blue earring, and crazy hair!
Thanks Bizzy.
What is funny is I was looking at a bunch of old paintings of absinthe drinkers. That was the reason for the piece.
I like that the glass curves. I like the whole thing. It has a primitive vibe that I absolutely LOVE. Very expressionistic.
Thanks Arty. I did not look at it that way but yes, nothing is wrong, it's a painting and not a historic record.