How he do dat?


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I like to surf around on Youtube looking at different artists - even ones that work in totally different mediums than me and style from me.
So that's how I found this guy Stefan Bucher. He takes a random inkblot then draws on it to make a monster. He's talented, but just nothing I'm interested in, but then I noticed something strange... He does all the lettering and drawing upside down! or am I missing something?

yes, it seems to the contrary, I hadn't noticed the video started, then after reading it from you. it looks like this, every writing or drawing,
I had heard of the inverted writing, from the side, (reminds me of this) for Leonardo Da vinci, not caposotto,
this then is inverted, upside down, strong. like talking backwards that it is already difficult, a difficult particularity, what I think he has learned to do it, that he chooses to do it, that is a skill.

but I don't know if, in reality, he always does this. If he is born like this, however cute, the drawing is beautiful anyway.
Different perspective? I remember trying to take a drawing class at one point and the teacher wanting us to draw a man in a chair from an upside down perspective. Everyone's drawing looked really cool, but he berated how everyone couldn't draw.
I tried writing my name upside and it came out like this ongob Because I'm use to writing left to right - you have to write right to left when you write upside down for it to come out correct.

Try writing cursive upside down!
I had to look up the word, cursive. I can hardly write joinedupwriting the right way up, so I was quite proud of this attempt. Woah, doesn't the blood flow to your head though!

Very good. Degree of difficulty depends on which letters, and what order.
Very good. Degree of difficulty depends on which letters, and what order.

And be grateful your name isn't Pablo Diego José Francisco de Paula Juan Nepomuceno María de los Remedios Cipriano de la Santísima Trinidad Ruiz y Picasso. :D