Homage to the Brussells Sprout 😁


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Yes, Maureen. Thanks. I love them that way. 😁 No it wouldn’t, indeed! I eat them whenever I can get them.
Yes! It's good to see some sprout positivity! I love 'em. Can't seem to grow them, though. Good one Penny :)
Thanks, Kay. Another sproutie! I tried growing them many years ago but they didn’t do well in heavy clay. They probably want a lighter soil. 😁
I love your panels - these are so wonderful, Penny, I just can't get enough of them! This one is no exception. Homage to the lowly brussels sprout! I even love your border.

I really hated them as a kid, but that's likely because my mom pretty much boiled everything, so I thought all vegetables were tasteless and mushy. Then I grew up and tasted other people's cooking, and realized the crime against vegetables my mother had perpetrated in the name of feeding 3 kids in a hurry. :LOL:

The sprouts (and others) take on a whole new dimension when roasted!
I’m very pleased you like them, Terri. Yes, there was a lot of crime against sprouts perpetrated by our mothers! 😁 They are very good with chestnuts.

I shall be trying to draw a cartoon each week for the Weekly art Event and will post there here once that’s done.
This is terrific Penny, I love it! You are so creative. It's really fun and well-drawn, plus I love the delicate shades of colour that you've chosen. It reminds me of something from a vintage book or something like that. Absolutely charming!