Holga--I am NOT a photographer!


I tried to take Holga photos some time ago, but I am not a very good photographer, by any means.

This is something I tried to make look like some kind of religious occurrence. It almost worked by letting more light into the cracks of the camera, not the lens itself. The Holga is taped along the sides with black electrical tape to keep it as dark inside as possible, so I took some of the tape off for this and moved it around a little while shooting. Pretty primitive techniques, but it's a toy, so what can't ya do? :LOL:

Wow! I don't think I've ever seen a light leak that looked so good! Also, is this a double exposure?
Forgot about this. It belongs in the Holga Hall of Fame.
^^ This.

This is why we USE the Holga! For the glory of the low-tech.

Light leaks are wrongfully maligned. This is gorgeous! I keep forgetting how wonderful color film is in the Holga.

Break that Holga out again soon!
Thank you everyone!!! I wish I had some time right now to thank everyone individually. I appreciate the encouragement from you all! ♥️ ♥️ ♥️

Laika, this is not a double exposure. ;)
I like the religious iconography and dreamlike quality of this, Art. To me, the element of chance is everything. Control, control, control. I just said, "the elephant of chance." That would be preferable.