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Hello all, my name is Jacq, and I'm new here. I have a degree in Art History and a passion for painting with acrylics and gouaches. I work with other mediums but those are the ones that I feel the most comfortable with. I don't know a lot about a lot, but I'm always willing to learn from people that have more experience than me. I guess my goal here is to find out how to turn my passions into a business and how to improve on my skills, and just be able to chat with people that have similar interest to me. Thanks for allowing me to join :)
Welcome to Creative Spark, Jacq! Happy that you found us and decided to join.

Please take your time to look around, get comfortable - and please share your work with us. :) Have fun!
Hey, JacqB! I'm new here also and it certainly seems like a nice and enthusiastic community :)