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Hi, born in New Jersey in 1975, drawing since I could hold a crayon, New Yorker from 1987 to 2014, moved to the country then and not going back. Eastern shore of Virginia now and quite like it. High Schools of Art and Design, some SVA classes but consider myself self taught; I took photography and filmmaking in HS and mostly showed up at SVA for the movies. Funny how such a dedicated cinephile has a hard time making it through any movies these days…

Now I paint in oils, with occasional forays into watercolor, acrylic and sculpting, though the last is usually either maquettes for painting or wargaming stuff, either of which is less art than craft IMHO, though one can lead to another.

Apart from art, I read a lot, write a little , run a small business selling collectibles, do my best raising my kids (5, 7 and 14), adore my wife, play guitar and a little synthesizer, and enjoy doing handyman type stuff, fixing things and building other things.
Hey Johnem. A big welcome to you! You sound like a multifaceted, multi-talented kind of guy! I can't wait to see your work. I'd also love to hear about your time at SVA (School of Visual Arts). Glad you're away from the hustle and bustle of the city now. NYC is a bit harsh.

Make yourself at home here. Seriously.
Welcome to the forum, Johnem! I'm looking forward to seeing your work. Keep posting, and have fun!
Welcome Johnem! Make yourself homely ----oops, I mean make yourself at home. There is a lot of great art on here and I hope yours soon joins it.
Thanks to you all for the welcome! I’ll post some work soon; I’m planning to take some better digital photos of a few recent paintings this week.
Welcome to Creative Spark, johnem 👋

Thanks for telling us a bit about yourself. Looking forward to seeing some of your work 🙂