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Hello. My real name is Ellen E. from Wet Canvas. Grizabella is my usual online ID so I decided to use that here. I'll be 75 years old on November 26th and I find that kind of comical. There's an old woman living in my mirrors and DMV had the hutzpah to put an old lady's picture on my ID card, but actually I'm not 75 at all. I'm just me, as I've always been, except for wiser and with much more free time than I've ever had to spend doing just whatever I choose to with my time.

I live in Oregon up in the mountains in the midst of almost 2 million acres of the Willamette National Forest in the Cascade Mountains. I live in a very small RV park where a creek runs by and the hiking trails pass right by my kitchen window. All sorts of animals including cougars and bears are our very close neighbors. The last two or three days we've finally been able to see the sky again after a horrible amount of smoke from forest fires around the area that blocked our view of anything more than ten feet ahead. Although this particular forest does get forest fires at times, this year the fires didn't come to this area. Instead they've wiped out beloved forests and towns from the McKenzie and Mohawk areas, nearly taking my youngest son and grandson's homes. That particular fire is only 25% contained but I think they're safe for now. They had to evacuate suddenly, though.

Well, that's who I am in a nutshell. I hear we have others from Wet Canvas here and I'm looking forward to discovering them and to making other new acquaintances here, too.


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Welcome Ellen. You'll find many of us WCers here. We've been hearing on the news about the horrific fires there and CA, such a shame to see the beautiful pristine forests decimated.
Welcome Ellen, great to have you here.

I am a former WCer also as are many others here.

I can understand the concern with losing the forest enviornment but to me of transcendent concern is what is happening in Portland with the Brown Shirts. Glad your family is safe for now.


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Hi Ellen, I am also new here. Glad to know that you and you family are safe and the skies are finally clearing up. It must have been terrifying.
I have been contemplating living on the west coast too, on Vancouver Island. I have too much stuff at the moment but I am working on it.
Welcome, I am an old girl too and just me.