Hello from Wisconsin!


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Hi there everyone,

Just introducing myself. My name is Jenna and I live on a farm here in Wisconsin.

Like many others, it seems, I've come here from WetCanvas, where I've been a member for 13 years and a Moderator for quite a while. Hoping to get acquainted with new friends here at Creative Spark, as well as hopefully find old friends too.

I work in Pen & Ink, and also work in Scratchboard. I love realism and detail in creating drawings, working mostly with animal portraiture.

I also love to create wire sculptures; they, too, are almost always animals, and I love the process of winding wire.

When I'm not making art, I love to write historical fiction, and have two finished books with more in the works. Also enjoy cooking and photography and taking care of my pets. Any form of creativity is appealing, don't you think?

Anyway, thanks for reading. Looking forward to getting familiar here. I like what I see so far! Have a great day!
Welcome! I agree with your comment about creativity. 👍

Love your avatar, too. (I'm going to be a crazy cat woman when I grow up.)
Jennaboo, welcome, nice to read you, your art is fantastic, I remember well your Scratchboards and also some sculptures that I saw on wetcavans, if you haven't already seen it you must also see the scratchboards that Snoball posted here, you will like them.
Welcome, Jenna! Maybe we can beg the admins to add a southwestern/western forum if space permits later.

She is an excellent photographer by the way.
Welcome Jenna. Good to have you here. I look forward to seeing your work. I agree with you about being creative in every way. I like to try to be anyway. That is so impressive that you have written a couple of books as well! :)
Thank you everyone for such a friendly welcome! I have a good feeling about this place. :)

It's so great to see familiar faces here too! Hi Ntl, Kay, Jo, and all the rest!

Hi Terri. Thank you! I'm quite the cat lady, myself. My avatar is one of my pen and ink drawings, and it is of my cat, Norman, who is currently blocking my view of the computer screen right this minute!😄

Hi Joe1It. Thank you very much! Oh, that sounds exciting! I look forward to exploring this new artistic home.

Thanks again everyone! I really appreciate it.
Jenna, can't wait to see more of your great wire sculptures. Penny wanted me to check it out, but then we could not find it here. Just found it and will "tell" her. Great to see you made it to CP!
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Hello Joy! Thank you so much for the wonderful welcome. I'm looking forward to sharing more work here, as well as seeing the artwork of others! Thanks again. I'm happy to be here!

Hi there, Ai. Thank you very much!