Hello from WC Also

Hi FD, good to see more WetCanvas members being on here as well. What are some of your favorite media to work in?
Hi! I work exclusively in oils. I like to paint the sea and skies with a cat or two in my scenes. I noticed artists need a community because it gives inspiration to keep going, I have been slacking in my work because of lack of community. I really like this art forum and the layout, easy to navigate...just like WC! IMO, WC was the best thing on the net for artists. It is all about learning, growing and inspiration.
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Welcome welcome FloatingDove. Glad to have you here. I know what you mean about having a community and I hope we can help you with that. ♥️ Looking forward to seeing your work. :)
Thank you for your welcome! I will paint in acrylics if I need to do a quick gift painting. I am realllllllllly looking forward to 'critique'... Critique is the first and foremost aspect of art. I have posted some of my paintings on WC because I was stuck and could not figure out why, well, let me say the members figured it out and my paintings have improved immensely. I believe all artists benefit from critique, even professional artists, well, you know how artists are, they always want to improve even if they think their paintings are 'done'...