Hello from Saratoga County NY!


Hi everyone! Took me a while to get here from Wetcanvas. I am a longtime member - not sure how many years. I quit smoking cigarettes in 2001 and needed something to do with my hands besides eating so tried painting on rocks from a book by Linn Wellford. Eventually I gravitated to canvas and joined in at WC. Grateful for this new home for us - thank you!!!
Welcome to Creative Spark, bjc! We're happy you found your way here.

Have fun looking around at all the various forums while you get acquainted with the place. You might even recognize some old friends. :)

I'm looking forward to seeing your work. Keep posting and enjoy the forum!
Thank you so much Terri! I work in acrylics and sometimes pastel (summer)and love to paint animals especially.
Nice to meet you and see so many familiar faces here.
Hey there ! Welcome....I just joined too, and it is nice to see familiar names from WC. Nice people here, who make you feel welcome
Hello bjc! I am so glad you finally made it in. I apologize for all the confusion and technical difficulties at first, but at least you're, at last here now. I really look forward to your posts and participation. ♥️
Welcome. I love your story about how/why you joined WetCanvas. Looking forward to seeing your work here.