Hello from Melbourne, Australia!


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Hi all! I'm new to CreativeSpark but have also been a long-term member of WetCanvas, though I wasn't as active there (or with art in general) over the last year or so due to being busy with uni.

I'm still insanely busy with teaching work, but I'm hoping to get back into making art at least semi-regularly.

Nice to meet you all :)
Welcome! I find that I periodically seem to need to stop doing art for a little while because my "creative juices" need replenishing or something. I painted a lot last winter, painting Christmas cards for everyone in this RV park I live in. Then the new year started off busy with other things and we had a forest fire evacuation alert we had to keep an eye on during the summer right after I got covid. I lost two sisters and got a blood clot in my foot from covid. It's taken me from June first till just now to actually recuperate enough to start painting again. I still have a problem with my foot so I can't do much walking around yet but that's all the more time I can spend painting again. Right?

Earlier this year a couple of my old friends from Wet Canvas contacted me and told me about this forum but then so much else went on in my life that I forgot about it for awhile. I couldn't remember the name of this forum but then I stumbled across it by accident, thank goodness. I hope if my friends who contacted me are still here they'll contact me again. One's real name is Barbara and the other is Christine.

I'm so glad you've joined us here and I look forward to seeing you around. :)
Hi artdragon! Welcome to CreativeSpark. It's great to have you here and meet you. I'm looking forward to seeing your work. Hope you are able to ease back into making work despite your busy schedule. :)
Hi Artdragon- nice to meet you. I am just north of you- far south coast nsw. I have been retired from teaching for 2 years. Now art-making full time! Hope you get back into your art soon!
Welcome Artdragon, thumbs up for getting back into art and much luck in finding the time