Hell(o) all!


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I'm another former WC member , though I wasn't around very much, I'm saddened to hear of its' demise. Over there my handle was Hardmoney. It's nice to see so many familiar faces here!
Welcome. Glad you have joined and have begin anew with a new handle here. Hope you enjoy an all new forum. ;) Make yourself at home.
Welcome to Creative Spark, Brad! I'm glad you're here with a new username, and hope you find new friends as well as familiar faces here. Have a look around and please, share some of your work with us!
Hey there, Brad! I'm glad I wandered into CreativeSpark and I hope you will like it here too. What kind of art stuff do you do?
Thanks for the warm welcome! I work mostly in watercolors but I also enjoy oils. Here are a couple recent commissions....

Hello and welcome! Your watercolour portraits are wonderful. I look forward to seeing more of your work.
hi Brad, welcome ,the two paintings you posted are fabulous, wonderful job, it will be nice to see your other works.